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In the case of all emergency situations that involve water and fire it is important to hire the right professionals.

At insulation pros our technicians are trained to restore your attic to its fullest potential after contamination. A fire can heavily contaminate your air space making it unsafe for you, your family, and even your pets. We take the right precautions and measures to remove all debris and lingering smells from your space and blow clean insulation that can help remove contaminants from circulating. Call us today for a free consultation!

It is estimated by the World Health Organization that 20-50% homes contain a mold / mildew issue, a percentage that can total up to 45 million homes in the United States.

These types of issues can sometimes be overlooked by the average homeowner and require a professional to look and spot the problem areas. Mold, specifically black mold can lead to allergies and many respiratory issues and in extreme cases homes often need to be evacuated due to the danger that this type of contamination can present.
Our technicians are trained to use the proper chemicals and cleaning strategies to eliminate the mold from the home and restore the air quality to prevent future issues. If you suspect mold in your home give us a call for a free attic inspection / estimate. 

"If you are looking for prompt and honest communication, service, great product, professional installation, excellent cleanup, awesome life-time warranty for a fair price ..... Look no further than Insulation Pros of Georgia. "
- Stuart Beaman

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