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We are a Gainesville based Insulation company eager to service all of Georgia. Our Certified Pros are ready to not only Insulate your home but make sure it is more energy efficient this only means one thing for you, guaranteed savings! Call us today to schedule a free estimate or speak to one of our representatives about how our Eco-Shield insulation could benefit you! All of our estimates are free and we do offer Lifetime Warranty on all of our installations.
When it comes to your home you want Insulation you can trust to accomplish this We work with Insulation that is Eco-friendly, composed of 100% recycled materials and energy efficient. This means no extra chemicals, dyes or toxins circulating through your home and the additional perk of energy savings!
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Pest, water and fire can cause damages to the insulation that require expert care. At Insulation Pros of Georgia we are trained to handle even the toughest attic remediations and restore the attic back to a sanitized space ready to be Insulated again.

Pest Control Damage + Attic Remediation:

If you have a pest problem, you have an Insulation problem contact one of Our specialist for a detailed plan of action.

Water Damage + Attic Remediation:

Anytime there is water there is mold and mildew any prolonged exposure to these can result in health issues. For a detailed plan of action give us a call today.

Fire Damage + Attic Remediation:

We take any attic remediations involved with fire very seriously and work diligently To restore spaces to speak to a certified expert give us a call today.

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BPI Certified

Our technicians focus on quality assurance for home performance. As BPI technicians our emphasis is improving energy consumption. We are trained to detect and evaluate uncontrolled air leakage into and out of a home and help identify heating and cooling problems that lead to high energy costs, health problems, and occupant discomfort.


Guaranteed Energy Savings

The EPA estimates that the average homeowner can save 15% on heating and cooling costs (11% of total energy costs) by adding insulation in attics, crawl spaces, and basement rim joists. For most folks, that’s about $600 in savings per year. In colder parts of the country, like climate zones six and seven, savings increases up to 20%.

Lifetime Warranty Guaranteed

We stand by our product and performance using only high quality materials and certified technicians. Our Eco-Shield Insulation comes with a lifetime warranty that protects against settling or any kind of disturbance to the insulation throughout the years.

For more information ask about our lifetime warranty when you request a quote!

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